Our 3D Laser Mapping services let you save time, savey money, and create long-term value.

PrecisionPoint’s 3D Scan-to-BIM solutions utilize 3D laser mapping to capture vital as-built facility and systems data that can be imported into software applications. This allows us to translate 3D point clouds into BIM software object families.

By making the up-front investment in 3D reality capture before a renovation project, you get the advantage of designing around actual building conditions instead of old drawings that no longer represent the real world facility.

PrecisionPoint clients find that the overall cost of PPI’s 3d laser mapping and scanning - and BIM services - is usually far less than the cost associated with a single, major field change resulting from poor and inaccurate as-built data.

Save Time

  • Measure a structure’s physical property 10x faster than conventional techniques.
  • Create BIMs and CAD drawings directly from point clouds.
  • Validate and document design changes using real world, as-built information.

Improve Accuracy

  • Easily measure difficult or hard-to-reach areas (e.g., predesign site conditions, underground utility structures, ceiling enclosed MEP systems, etc.).
  • More accurately capture “as-is” project conditions with BIMs created from point clouds.
  • Measure precisely within 2mm to 5mm depending on distance to measured object.

Save Money

  • High coverage of the scanned area minimizes (if not eliminates) costly return trips.
  • Reduce costs by creating 3D digital reproductions of existing conditions to help detect clashes and minimize expensive field changes.
  • Eliminate re-design work orders due to poor quality as-built record documentation.
  • Improve margins by as much as 10%—either keep the savings or apply it to make proposals more attractive to potential clients.
  • Maximize your technology investments through native compatibility with Autodesk® Revit®, AutoCAD®, Bentley MicroStation® and other mainstream modeling, design, and documentation applications.

Own Your Deliverables

Depending on the PrecisionPoint services selected, you'll keep all your information delivered in one or more of the following ways:

  • Design/Engineering grade 3D point cloud models
  • 2D floor plans, sections, and elevations
  • Building information models
  • Clash detection analyses results
  • Project access via Webshare Cloud

Validate Decisions

  • Virtual Project Viewer offers superior project documentation through interactive 360° panoramic point-and-click, measurable images.
  • View and measure scanned data using free software, providing stakeholders the information they need to substantiate crucial decisions.

Create Long-term Value

  • Extract more value from your building information modeling technology investments by incorporating PrecisionPoint’s Scan-to-BIM data into your existing BIM workflows.
  • Georeference data to an existing site dimensional survey control.
  • Create permanent, accurate digital records (similar to a digital photograph) that will support buildings throughout their lifecycles.

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