3D Laser Scanning Services let you measure a structure’s physical property 10x faster than conventional techniques.

PrecisionPoint’s base 3D Scanning Services start by bringing our qualified technicians out to your site for digital survey and data collection.

First, we set up our digital survey total stations to validate scanner positions for each area that needs to be captured. These survey dimensional control methodologies offer a higher standard of precision, ensuring that the resulting point cloud modeling is accurate within 2mm to 5mm. Next, our scanning devices take 360-degree laser measures of reflected surface points that are collected hundreds of thousands of times per second.

Once all the scans are collected, the data is taken in-house. Then, PrecisionPoint uses state-of-the-art processing software where all the individual scans are registered and connected together to form your unique point cloud model.

We offer:

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3D Laser Scanning + BIM Deliverables
  • On-site 3D laser scanning and point cloud verification using survey dimensional control techniques
  • Process and register scans into 3D point clouds
  • Convert 3D point cloud models to design/engineering-grade BIM deliverables
  • Generate 2D floor plan and elevation/section drawings (optional)
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