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The Challenges Addressed by High-Definition Scanning

Whether you’re renovating a hospital, office space, or an industrial facility, there is always one problem in common: the need for accurate as-built facility information. Once a building is built, the documentation that is turned over to the owner/operator does not usually reflect any of the changes that were likely made during construction. So from day one of occupancy, BIM and CAD information is inaccurate to some degree. The older the building, the larger the discrepancies due to renovations and retrofits over time. Of course, some of our historical facilities have little or no accurate documentation when many decades have passed since the initial design and construction.

Traditional Approach to As-Built Survey & Data Capture

To generate present-day as-built data, traditionally, engineers would walk around buildings with tape measures and drawings while taking pictures. They would then have to manually piece together a tremendous amount of data to create an as-built model. This approach is time consuming, expensive, often inaccurate, and prone to errors.

PrecisionPoint's 3D Reality Capture Solutions

PrecisionPoint’s 3D Reality Capture Solutions offer a more efficient, more cost-effective approach to generating exceptionally accurate as-built information with 360 degree imagery via 3D laser scanning.

With this 3D laser mapping and digital survey, you can better evaluate, compare, and rank the environmental and financial impacts of proposed renovations in the context of real-world conditions. PrecisionPoint documents both existing facilities as well as buildings that are under construction.

PrecisionPoint's experience excels in support of several industries—each facing its own distinct challenges—including:

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