150,000 Square Feet As-built Delivered in One-fifth the Time

Unispace Saved Exponentially with PrecisionPoint's RapidScan 3D Reality Capture Scanning Solutions

Unispace was tasked with designing a new employee office space for a global medical equipment company. The prior occupants, a mattress company, were in the space for a decade, rendering the original 2D construction as-built plans outdated and unreliable.

With any project they take on, Unispace needs to know the space they’re working in its current condition, and a lot can change in a building over a decade.

This subjects an architect and client to increased construction costs and project lead times because of scope changes or rework that's discovered at the time of construction.

The Unispace team needed to rectify the BIM they created and verify the plans for the building in order to deliver their customer the best space possible on time and under budget.

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