Tech Tip Video You Can’t Live Without: Making Smarter Point Clouds

Mark HannaTechie Tips

If you want smarter point clouds, just ask us. We’ll make them for you in ReCap.

We have developed a workflow to add extra intelligence to your point clouds that will make them easier and faster to manipulate in your BIM applications. In ReCap, we can isolate structural, architectural and MEP features in the point cloud and assign them to specific regions or layers, such as walls, floors, or pipes. When you bring the point cloud into Navisworks or Revit, you can turn groupings on or off to show or hide all the floors, walls or whatever feature type you choose.

Designers and engineers love this because the data is turnkey and ready for them to view only the objects that interest them – which makes use of the point cloud less resource intensive. It also runs more quickly in Revit because fewer data points are in the viewed point cloud.

Let us know if you want your next project to be Smarter!

Demonstration: How to Create Smarter Point Clouds