Immerse Yourself Inside Your Buildings from Anywhere with RapidScan + Digital Twin Viewer

PrecisionPoint quickly and accurately captures photorealistic point clouds and interactive 360°  immersive imagery, creating digital twin as-builts of your facilities at unprecedented speed (BIM/CAD modeling is optional)!

PrecisionPoint RapidScan is a service for AEC, FM, and manufacturing, designed to take commercial and industrial properties and quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively create their digital twins. 

PrecisionPoint’s RapidScan, powered by NavVis, is a unique mobile scanning solution that captures both point cloud and 360° immersive imagery at the speed of continuous walking through indoor environments. Designed for large complex indoor commercial and industrial properties, RapidScan is 30-times faster than traditional tripod-based laser scanners mapping up to 250,000 SF per day! Whether your business is focused on architecture, engineering, construction, facility management, manufacturing (or any combination of the preceding), PrecisionPoint’s RapidScan + IndoorViewer solutions will get the job done at a lower cost without sacrificing accuracy.

How does RapidScan compare to terrestrial tripod-based laser scanning solutions?

  • 30x faster while maintaining accuracy
  • Ideal for large scale indoor mapping
  • Survey grade accuracy when using ground control points
  • Point clouds are available in PLY, PTS, XYZ, LAS and E57 formats

Narrow the communication gap between people on projects to deliver them on time and on budget. 

This cloud-based SaaS subscription service is the ultimate compliment to any scanning project by simplifying data and making it and usable for every project stakeholder. Using a web browser, anyone you designate can immerse themselves and explore the scanned spaces as if at the site, walking around to view and interact with information about the building. Think “Google Street View,” but indoors.

Digital Twin Viewer delivers an unprecedented degree of access to indoor spaces that would previously not have been possible without being physically present. Tour the site, take highly accurate post-scan measurements in 3D space, inspect areas in detail, and automatically calculate room areas.

With Digital Twin Viewer, you can also:

  • Take intuitive point and click accurate measurements directly from the image.
  • Tag points of interest and provide relevant information; upload/attach documentation or embed videos for guidance (e.g., reports or manuals).
  • Reduce reporting and on-site time by sending links and information out for preparation before technicians arrive.
  • Calculate escape routes, tag locations of safety equipment, link to safety guidelines, and document emergency plans.
  • Leverage optional Revit integration — click on a location in your Revit model and immediately see it in a 360° environment enabling easier cross-referencing when creating and updating BIM models.
  • Engage in such immersive experiences, it eliminates the need for return site visits that would be necessary if working from record drawings, photos, or memory.

“The fact that they could travel here and do the scan for the fee they charged… It was very reasonable, and the work delivered was worth the investment.” — Rob Shahee, Design Principal of Unispace Minneapolis

It has to be safe (especially in a COVID-19 reality)

Now more than ever, staying safe has taken on much greater meaning. At PrecisionPoint, we don’t take that lightly. But with the proper precautions, we can safely scan your building(s). And in doing so, the resulting immersive model can help reduce site visits. Project stakeholders can remotely drop in on job sites anytime. In the best of times, this would greatly reduce travel expenses. While in crisis, it allows vital work to continue while more of the project team interacts with the model safely from their homes.

It has to be easy.

Until recently, usability and access to scan data has been the Achilles’ heel for industry professionals, requiring specialized desktop software to view and work with scan data. But it doesn’t get much easier than a browser-based application that mirrors “Google Street View”-type access to buildings that give a much more detailed and realistic visualization of rooms, equipment, and assets.

It has to be timely and cost-effective.

PrecisionPoint’s RapidScan service is considerably less expensive than traditional tripod scanning — partly because RapidScan is 30X faster. In fact, our client, Unispace, needed a 3D point cloud and 360-degree imagery that they could use during a design and construction project. RapidScan helped them keep the project within budget and on time. It was the preferred laser scanning method of documentation because it is faster, appropriately accurate, and produces 360-degree images.

When Unispace asked for a point cloud, they got much more than they expected with PrecisionPoint's Digital Twin Viewer. Their Autodesk Revit modelers could view actual images from the NavVis model using the dedicated Revit plug-in. The speed to cost ratio was significantly lower than they expected.

We'll RapidScan 25,000 square feet for $1500*!

*price does not include travel or BIM modeling.

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*price does not include travel or BIM modeling.