PrecisionPoint delivers turnkey 3D scanning services and reality capture solutions for actionable data that empowers AECO* professionals to reliably document, design, and build.

PrecisionPoint, Inc., (PPI) was founded in 2009 on the principle that there was a better, more efficient approach to measuring and documenting existing facilities for renovation. Since then, PPI has become a trusted advisor to our clients, providing a range of 3D scan-to-BIM (building information modeling) services to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals, property owners, and facility managers.

Calling on our team’s combined 20+ years of land surveying, 3D laser scanning, reality capture, and BIM experience, we generate accurate as-built data that reflects existing facility and building system conditions. PPI has already scanned more than 10 million square feet of building and industrial space for clients throughout the United States.

PrecisionPoint’s 360 degree imagery captured via our RapidScan and 3D scan-to-BIM services help our clients reduce the risk and cost of the design and construction overruns that plague most building projects.

With a field-accurate, as-built BIMs generated from 3D laser scanned point clouds, our clients gain the confidence that comes with knowing that they have reduced the number of potential change orders that can result from an inaccurate building model, ultimately saving them time and money.

PrecisionPoint uses the latest 3D scanning and modeling technologies available to provide the most effective and cost efficient solutions to our clients. Our work is always backed by our proven and reliable survey dimensional controlled scanning methodologies and registration processes.

See how we do what we do:

PrecisionPoint's Core Values

Own the Outcome

Working at PrecisionPoint means more than simply putting in extra effort; it represents our attitude and determination to get the job done right. Whether big or small, we take pride in every job we work on, providing the highest degree of dedication and attention. We make every moment
count. We strive to deliver on this promise every time, and we take personal ownership in the success of every project.

Small Things Matter

We pride ourselves on providing nothing less than accurate, precise, complete, and actionable data every time. We accomplish this through our keen attention to detail that ensures quality, error free solutions. We consistently build trust through the quality of our solutions.

Keep it Real

Keeping it real is more than just a saying. At PrecisionPoint, it means staying humble, honest, and conducting ourselves with high integrity in all aspects of our work. When faced with a difficult problem, we ask for help. When mistakes happen, we work together to resolve them.

Deliver the WOW!

Customer experience is much more than simply wowing clients with our cutting edge reality capture solutions. We deliver reliable, actionable data that exceeds industry standards. We achieve more by out-listening our competitors. Our laser-focus on successful outcomes every time is what separates us from other companies and makes us standout to our customers.

*Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations

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