Use our secure, cloud-based VPV to store, share, and interact with data fluidly in 3D.

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Virtual Project Viewer Tutorial

3D as-built viewing of laser scan data in the cloud.

PrecisionPoint's Virtual Project Viewer (VPV) is a hosted subscription service that offers an enhanced cloud-based, as-built, 3D scan data management system. It also provides you with simple access to your 3D project documentation.

This cloud-based service offers the power of fluid 3D viewing of 3D laser scan data within a simple and easy-to-use website for storing and sharing scanning data.

For BIM and 3D laser scanning for construction services documentation applications, our Virtual Project Viewer service provides the clarity of true 3D project viewing to help users understand and analyze complex on-site conditions. This enables project stakeholders to virtually immerse themselves into an existing environment and offers a more direct way of understanding on-site conditions. Users can also securely and quickly access the scan imagery data at the office, on the job-site, or in transit with mobile access.

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