6 Months of Complimentary WebShare Scan Viewer Hosting Offered by PrecisionPoint Inc.

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WebShare Scan Viewer Hosting Is An Important Part of Our 3D Scanning Process for Customers and Clients

Why is WebShare cloud viewing important?

As most of our current clients will acknowledge, 3D scanning has fundamentally changed the way they obtain their existing conditions documentation. It also empowers them to develop accurate and reliable existing conditions deliverables.

However, one of the primary concerns we hear is, how can I easily share these point clouds and view them with other project stake-holders and owners who are non-technical?

This was a very difficult barrier to overcome. Especially, when sharing the data between users previously meant transporting portable hard drives from desk to desk.

Our client’s  IT departments were equally frustrated. They felt point clouds would not only use up coveted shared network space, but also hog intranet bandwidth as users downloaded GB’s of  data to user workstations.

Regrettably, the data would often end up hidden in a designers desk in the Engineering department. Consequently, it would never find its way to the project stake holders that could benefit most.

Introducing WebShare

Recently, that has all changed with PrecisionPoint’s WebShare server. This is a free hosted web-based scan viewer enabling our clients to share valuable 3D scan data over the internet or company intranet.

It also enables project stake holders the ability to take a virtual walk-around-tour of a building or infrastructure from their desktop. The interface is user-friendly without the need to install viewer programs or transfer gigabytes of large data sets.

Bringing the Project to the Designers Desktop

The WebShare viewer allows the user to see a continuous panoramic image of the point cloud image. Furthermore, it has an intuitive feel and UX, allowing them to zoom and pan within the point cloud as if they were virtually immersed in the scene.

Similar cloud-based viewers have existed in the residential and commercial real estate markets to virtual tour homes for sale or hotel rooms.  However, unlike image viewers, our WebShare viewer further enables the user to virtually walk around the project scene. Likewise, he or she can even take discrete “point & click” measurements, identify critical equipment, and locate problem areas within the scan scene.

When used as a compliment to the design or record drawings,  the WebShare viewer further allows the user to conduct rough planning and initial design work.

All this is without the need to re-visit the project site or sort through hundreds of project photos.

Try our WebShare service on us…

We encourage you to take a test drive of our WebShare Server and try it out on some of our public projects. We are so excited about this technology that between now and the end of 2012, for any new 3D scanning projects  we will host your scan data on our dedicated and secure WebShare server for a period of 6 months at no additional charge.

After that time, we can continue hosting it or provide you with the server software to host your own data in-house.  Either way a win-win!

Please contact our sales department at 1-855-3D Scan-1 (855-337-2261) for a no obligation quote or to learn more.