Reduce complex MEP modeling time by 40%

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MEP Modeling Can be Time-Consuming

At PrecisionPoint, our sole purpose is to help our customers solve problems such as MEP modeling, utilizing the latest 3d scanning solutions.

We were recently approached by a client to scan and BIM model a 40 year old hospital with several major additions. This project would include documenting 7 Mechanical rooms totaling over 50K SF in just under 6 weeks. As such, we knew we had one of our toughest challenges to date.

With almost 100 successful MEP modeling and laser scanning projects competed, we knew that drawing from our vast experience we could pull it off.

However, the biggest challenge would be meeting the rigorous 6 week BIM modeling deadline. This deadline would come once the field scanning was completed and ready for processing.

Auto pipe extraction directly from the point cloud models, would enable us to meet the rigorous client deadline and produce the MEP modeling needed.

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