Using 3D Laser Scanning Solutions to Add Value to Your Renovation Project

Mark Hanna3D Laser Scanning Services, General Information

How can 3D laser scanning solutions provide more value to your renovation project?

  • 3D laser scanning allows you to design from real world 3D as-built conditions
  • Saves overall cost of a project by helping to minimize change orders
  • Shortens Project Schedule by reducing rework due to poor or lacking existing conditions documentation

What exactly is 3D laser scanning and how can 3D laser scanning services help you and your business?

“What do you do for a living?” I often find myself in the typical social scenarios were people ask me this very question. My response? “3D Laser scanning” for architectural, engineering construction and facility owners (AECO).

As a technology form, 3D laser scanning is not something that’s typically known or understood as a line of work. Consequently, I try to give the simplest answer to avoid a “techy” response that may leave some people lost or running for the door.

What do experienced laser scanning service provider professionals like Precision Point do?

At Precision Point, we take 3D high definition surveys of existing projects and building conditions. Project stakeholders from the architect to the building contractors can then overlay their purposed 3D design in the context of real world 3D conditions.

Building renovation projects are the most challenging. Furthermore, as-built record documents and blueprints are rarely kept up to date or exist at all.

Incorporating 3D laser scanning services into your workflows gives the ability to virtually compare the proposed design to the existing conditions survey captured by the 3D laser scanner.

Now, designers and building contractors can pinpoint and identify potential 3D clashes early in the design phase instead of during construction. Cost overruns and project delays can now be avoided.  The redesign or change orders of these corrections during the building phase on-site can contribute up to *10% additional cost on a project.

*(ref: Markup and Profit article referencing additional cost on renovation project )

Our 3D solutions are delivered in a couple different formats.  The simplest and most intuitive deliverables are 360 degree panoramic images. Imagine something like Google Street View – a Virtual Project Viewer – of your building’s interior. Yet, also with the added ability to take point and click measurements directly from within the image.


3D laser technology and virtual project viewer

The Virtual Project Viewer is a cloud solution enabling stakeholders to view and collaborate on their mobile devices and tablets.

It also offers the visibility to make virtual measurement checks as if they were on-site. Essentially, it brings the project site to their desktop. Next, the detail rich laser scanning point cloud data allows the 3D modeler to go from a Scan to BIM model with much more confidence and accuracy. This helps produce a better 3D deliverable and therefore, a better design environment.


The result and benefit of implementing 3D laser scanning technology for building renovation projects is in producing a better survey.

Finding those discrepancies that clash with what’s existing – and avoiding them in advance – is what ultimately saves overall cost and helps keep the project on time and under budget!