Using 3D Laser Scanning Solutions to Add Value to Your Renovation Project

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How can 3D laser scanning solutions provide more value to your renovation project? 3D laser scanning allows you to design from real world 3D as-built conditions Saves overall cost of a project by helping to minimize change orders Shortens Project Schedule by reducing rework due to poor or lacking existing conditions documentation What exactly is 3D laser scanning and how can 3D laser scanning services help you and your business? “What do you do for a … Read More

Introducing Pete Abraham, Senior Project Manager, PrecisionPoint, Inc.

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Pete Abraham joined PrecisionPoint in the fall of 2016, bringing with him his nearly two decades of experience in surveying, environmental remediation and preservation, and 3D laser scanning. As a Senior Project Manager, Pete will be responsible for overseeing data capture and processing, and ultimately the modeling of client deliverables. In other words, his primary role is to ensure PrecisionPoint clients receive top quality work the first time and every time. Some of his secondary … Read More

PrecisionPoint Offers Enhanced Cloud Hosted As-Built Scan Viewer Sharing Service

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3D As-Built Viewing of 3D Laser Scan Data in the “Cloud” Introduced in Q2 2016, PPI’s Virtual Project Viewer (VPV) hosted subscription service offers an enhanced cloud-based, as-built, scan data management system for their 3D laser scan. Additionally, it provides clients with simple access to their 3D project documentation. This cloud based service offers the power of fluid 3D viewing of scan data within a simple and easy-to-use website for storing and sharing scanning data. For BIM and … Read More

Techie Tip: International Travel with 3D Laser Scanners

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How to travel with 3D laser scanners Get a Carnet The PrecisionPoint team has learned a lot about international travel with 3D laser scanners from two recent projects in Canada and Italy. The most important lesson is to avoid hassles at customs by obtaining a Carnet for laser scanners and related equipment. The Carnet is an official document that allows companies to leave the United States with commercial equipment and bring it back without questioning … Read More

PROJECT PROFILE: 3D Construction Scans for Fast Turnaround at the Hard Rock

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Sometimes 3D Construction Scans Have Be Done Without Downtime… The action at a gambling casino never stops, not even for major renovation. That means construction has to be carried out on a precise schedule. Each contractor must arrive on time – usually on short notice – and get their part of the job completed as promised. Such was the case when the Stiles Company asked PrecisionPoint to perform 3D surveying and scanning work at the … Read More