Introducing Pete Abraham, Senior Project Manager, PrecisionPoint, Inc.

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Pete AbrahamPete Abraham joined PrecisionPoint in the fall of 2016, bringing with him his nearly two decades of experience in surveying, environmental remediation and preservation, and 3D laser scanning. As a Senior Project Manager, Pete will be responsible for overseeing data capture and processing, and ultimately the modeling of client deliverables. In other words, his primary role is to ensure PrecisionPoint clients receive top quality work the first time and every time. Some of his secondary roles at the company include business development, marketing, and recruiting.

When Pete started his career after graduating from Buffalo State College with a BS in Geology and Environmental Science in 1998, he joined a local surveying company focusing on environmental remediation projects. But when an opportunity came to work in environmental preservation in Arizona, he jumped at the chance. His work included surveying to ensure there were no plant and wildlife preservation issues around large housing developments.

His work in Arizona also included helping a large mining corporation that needed to map and monitor slop faces that had the potential to move or fail. To do this effectively, the firm acquired 3D laser scanners for geotechnical applications—and Pete’s path into the 3D scanning realm began.

Fast forward six years, Pete was missing his friends and family back east and took a job with Faro Technologies. In his seven years with Faro, Pete’s primary role was consulting with new clients—going out into the field and working with them on trials, testing, and validation of Faro’s 3D laser scanning devices and technologies. Faro is also where Pete first met and became friends with Mark Hanna, CEO and Founder of PrecisionPoint.

After leaving Faro, Pete worked a few more years providing laser scanning services with some Boston-based firms. But all the while, he was keeping a close eye on 3D laser scanning service providers, including his friend Mark’s business. It didn’t take long for Pete to discern that PrecisionPoint had the strongest and best reputation in North America. So when Mark reached out and invited Pete to join the company, it was an easy decision.

Though moving to Indianapolis puts Pete further away from his mother, father (Kingston, NH), and sister (West Newbury, MA), he and his family are now living closer to his in-laws, who are delighted to spending more time with the Abraham clan. In his off time, Pete loves playing with his 2-year old son—taking him to the park with the family dog or teaching him to fish. Pete and his wife also enjoy antiquing on the weekends and are avid vinyl music collectors—so the music emanating from Pete’s office when he’s not out in the field will be impressive, to say the least!