PROJECT PROFILE: 3D Construction Scans for Fast Turnaround at the Hard Rock

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hard rocks 3d construction scans

Sometimes 3D Construction Scans Have Be Done Without Downtime… The action at a gambling casino never stops, not even for major renovation. That means construction has to be carried out on a precise schedule. Each contractor must arrive on time – usually on short notice – and get their part of the job completed as promised. Such was the case when the Stiles Company asked PrecisionPoint to perform 3D surveying and scanning work at the … Read More

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: 3D Clash Detection to Help Fedex Ground with e-Commerce Demand

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3D clash detection in FedEx Ground Retrofit Project PrecisionPoint

3D clash detection helps prevent logistics errors in construction process retrofitting When global logistics company FedEx Ground retrofits a distribution hub to expand package capacity, it must be executed flawlessly. Additionally, delays caused by errors in design and construction must be avoided. With increased demand driven by e-commerce, FedEx is undergoing unprecedented growth. Squeezing additional capacity out of its existing network of package distribution hubs is essential to meeting current and future e-Commerce demand. When a … Read More

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: BIM Modeling of Assembly Hall at Indiana University

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BIM modeling of Assembly Hall Indiana

Our extensive BIM modeling capabilities earn PrecisionPoint prestigious job It’s been called the Carnegie Hall of basketball arenas and is known as one of the great meccas of college hoops. Assembly Hall is home to Indiana basketball and has been since it opened in 1971. This is the same year that legendary coach Bobby Knight took over. Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind., has also been made famous among sports fans of the Indiana University men’s … Read More

Fusion of 3D Scanning and 3D Survey Required for Glass Installation at Airport Control Tower Requires

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3D survey for Cleveland airport tower

3D Scanning and 3D Survey Make the Difference in Airport Glass Installation What started as a standard 3D scanning, 3D survey, and modeling project ultimately required some traditional surveying expertise too. The installation of 16 huge glass panes in the new air traffic control tower at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport proved to be one of the most complex projects the PrecisionPoint team ever faced. Fortunately, Jay Scanlon PLS, our senior project manager, was there … Read More

Plant Puts 3D Scanning Capabilities to the Test

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3D Scanning Comes in Hand for Huge Manufacturing Plant Job Our biggest 3D scanning job yet in terms of square footage, may have been a tire manufacturing plant on the East Coast. The client asked us to scan a nearly 1 million-square-foot factory in preparation for construction of an expansion. The interior space consisted of manufacturing equipment, process piping and mechanical equipment. Some of the pipes measured 16 inches in diameter. Using two FARO Focus3D … Read More

3D Clash Analysis of Package Distribution Center Retrofit Avoids Construction Delays

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Our 3D Clash Analysis Helps Stop Retrofit Problems In Their Tracks …at one of its package distribution hubs by hiring PrecisionPoint to perform a 3D clash analysis of the new conveyor design through our 3D Coordination service. We started with a 3D point cloud of the existing facility collected by our in-house 3D scanning experts. Next, we combined the point cloud with a 3D model of the new material handling system. This revealed nearly 100 design clashes that … Read More