PROJECT PROFILE: Hospital 3D Laser Scanning – Scanning in an Infection-Free Zone

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hospital 3D laser scanning

Hospital 3D laser scanning has a unique set of challenges Performing hospital 3D laser scanning – in a sterile environment – is a process that requires following strict infection-control procedures. At an Elkhart, Indiana, hospital project two years ago, we devised many of the guidelines and processes that are now … Read More

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: 3D Clash Detection to Help Fedex Ground with e-Commerce Demand

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3D clash detection in FedEx Ground Retrofit Project PrecisionPoint

3D clash detection helps prevent logistics errors in construction process retrofitting When global logistics company FedEx Ground retrofits a distribution hub to expand package capacity, it must be executed flawlessly. Additionally, delays caused by errors in design and construction must be avoided. With increased demand driven by e-commerce, FedEx is undergoing … Read More

Fusion of 3D Scanning and 3D Survey Required for Glass Installation at Airport Control Tower Requires

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3D Scanning and 3D Survey Make the Difference in Airport Glass Installation What started as a standard 3D scanning, 3D survey, and modeling project ultimately required some traditional surveying expertise too. The installation of 16 huge glass panes in the new air traffic control tower at the Cleveland Hopkins International … Read More